Epoxy Healthcare, LLC was founded by Debra O’Shea, CMPE and Eric J. Brodsky, FACMPE in 2017. Debra & Eric have extensive experience as healthcare executives running multi-office, multi-location medical practices.   After many years at the helm of large practices they felt it was time to share their experiences with others in the hopes that they could help alleviate some of the ”pain” of running a medical practice today.

Debra has served as the COO, CFO and Executive Director of large medical practices for a number of years and has an extensive financial & operations management, strategic planning and human resources background. One day over a cup of coffee Debra & Eric  were trading war stories. They realized that their strengths complemented each other. At each of their practices they were thought of as “the glue” that held things together so it was a natural fit for them to come together to launch Epoxy Healthcare.

Eric served as the Chief Operating Officer of a large OB/GYN practice for 17 years. He is an expert in Revenue Cycle Management and is a seasoned healthcare Information Technology Expert. Eric serves as a revenue cycle management consultant for Epoxy.

Debra runs Epoxy Healthcare and is the President of Epoxy Healthcare.  Debra focuses on the strategic and financial planning, clinical operations and the overall practice management side of things while Eric serves as a revenue cycle management consultant for Epoxy.