Running a medical practice is hard work!




Today’s physician leaders are tasked with:

  • Providing high-quality care under tight time constraints
  • Fighting to be fairly compensated for their work
  • Increased charting requirements that force physicians to spend more time on non-revenue generating activities
  • Complying with the myriad of administrative, governmental and clinical compliance regulations
  • Overseeing/managing the business of practicing medicine
  • Staying on top of long term planning and ensuring that the practice remains financially sound
  • Overseeing staff and dealing with human resource issues.





At Epoxy Healthcare we believe good ideas are important but what is more important is executing on those ideas.  We get the job done.

The Epoxy Healthcare team will work with you and your team to pinpoint the issues or current challenges you are facing. Then we will work together to offer solutions that work for your team and we will assist you with implementing the solution.

We will be as hands on as you need us to be. We don’t just write a report and leave it to you to figure out how to implement the solution. We actually get down in the trenches with you and help them you put the plan into action.

By engaging Epoxy Healthcare as trusted advisors and an “extra set up hands and feet” you can go back to focusing on the practice of medicine.


What makes us the right choice for your practice?



√ We are experienced medical practice executives who have faced many of the same challenges your team is facing. We know what needs to be done and how to do it.

√ We have extensive experience working with whole teams, including physicians, to get the job done.

√ We don’t just write you a report and give you advice we actually get down in the trenches with you and your team and help put your plan into action.

√ We work collaboratively with your team so that after we leave your team is positioned for success.

√ We know where to go to find the experts and have relationships with other vendors if you need a service we don’t provide ourselves.

√ We don’t just talk about it … We get the job done.